Synectics  [si-nek-tiks]


the study of creative processes, especially as applied to the solution of problems by a group of diverse individuals.

Announcing Our New Division:

Over the past 17 years since launching Synectic Resources, our company has continued to expand in the area of consulting services.  With Rick Deitrich’s knowledge and experience in the Laboratory Animal Science field for 40+ years he is widely know and respected for his product development achievements and facility planning expertise. He has published numerous articles and spoke at numerous symposiums and conferences.

Please contact us if you have the need for consulting services for:


  • Facility Planning and Sustainable solutions
  • Equipment selection and integration
  • HVAC Systems and IVC housing integreation
  • Product Development including 17 patents
  • Occupational Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Animal watering including water treatment and distribution

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